New Fish Tanks

After purchasing new fish tanks, the next step is to set them up in your home or office. Here are some tips and steps to help you ensure that you set up your tank correctly:

• Placement – take the stand and place it somewhere where you will be able to enjoy the fish, but be sure to keep it away from light and heat sources (like windows and heating vents). Choose the placement wisely, because once set up and filled with fish and water, it is difficult to move.
• Tank on stand – make sure that the tank and stand have a solid contact between them.
• Filter – under gravel filters need to be placed on the bottom of the tank. This is the next step. Next place the tubes into their sockets. Be sure to follow any printed instructions. If you have a different type of filter, wait to place it until after adding the gravel.
• Gravel – before adding gravel, rinse it. Spread out the gravel evenly with a low point at the front.
• Heater – tropical fish need their water kept around 72-78 degrees. This requires a heater. Not all new fish tanks require these. Hanging heaters should be hung off the back but where you can read the temperature. Keep it unplugged.
• Air pump – keep it at water level. Keep it unplugged.
• Decorations – situate decorations and plants where you want them. Now put the top on.
• Water – you can now add water. Add water treatment. Let the water sit for a few days before adding fish. You can plug your things in.
• Fish – these are, of course, the most fun element of new fish tanks, but you will need to wait until the water is warm enough and treated before adding them. Just be patient!

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