10 Gallon Fish Tanks

10 gallon fish tanks are just the right size for the beginner fish collector. Here is some basic information on these small tanks that any beginner should know:

Placement – their basic size and shape make them easy to use in a bedroom or other small places such as a studio apartment.

Fish size – to ensure you have enough room in your tank for your fish population, make sure the tank is at least eighty percent bigger than the full grown adult fish. These aquariums are not recommended for larger fish.

Number of fish – 10 gallon fish tanks, on average, can hold up to eight very small fish (such as Neon Tetras) or two or three medium sized fish (Angelfish.)

There are other pets you can keep in a 10 gallon aquarium besides fish; such as Hermit Crabs, small Turtles, Frogs, or Lizards, or a small mouse, to name just a few.  Be sure to include a cover for the aquarium for animals that can climb or jump, to eliminate any possible surprises if your pet happens to wander out of the habitat you’ve created for them.

Another use for 10 gallon fish tanks are as an isolation tank to observe or quarantine any fish prior to introducing them into your healthy aquarium to avoid contaminating the healthy fish.  You can then treat the sick fish with special medicines you can put into the water without fear of harming the healthy fish.

It is never a bad idea to start out small. Before investing in a large, 100 gallon tank, consider trying out 10 gallon fish tanks. Make sure that you are willing to put forth the time and energy necessary to learn how to care for your fish, first.

For Fish & Pet Lovers!