Tall Fish Tanks

Go big or go home. For some it’s a way of life. For the aquarium enthusiast, tall fish tanks are the only way to go.

Tall fish tanks are perfect for a large home or an office. Their striking nature often serves as the focal point of a room.

Keep in mind that they are not cheap and require a great deal of space. However, one of the benefits of a large tank is that it creates a more stable environment then a small tank. Large fish tanks are less affected by changes in temperature and create more space for the dispersal of fish waste. This creates a healthier environment. Larger tanks are especially better for saltwater tanks as saltwater fish can easily become ill from the unstableness that sometimes accompanies a smaller tank.

Acrylic is probably the best type of material for tall fish tanks. The bigger your tank is the sturdier you will want it to be. Acrylic is much more durable then glass and is about 17 times stronger.

The only downside to a tall tank is that it usually can’t hold as many fish. It has less surface area then a shallower rectangular tank. This means that it will need an excellent aeration system because it has less area for gas exchange.

Tall fish tanks are perfect for die hard aquarium lovers. Their striking beauty will create years of enjoyment and leave visitors in awe.

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