Fish Supplies

Fish supplies are necessary, whether you are planning on keeping one fish, two fish, a red fish, or a blue fish! Make sure you have all the proper equipment and supplies before you purchase your fish. Here are some of the basics that you should consider:

• Tank – the most basic of all. Choose the tank depending on location of tank and size of fish you are planning on keeping.

• Filter – you don’t have to have a filter but otherwise you will be changing water everyday. Keep maintenance simple and get one for your tank.

• Gravel or pebbles – fish prefer some kind a digging and burrowing material. Gravel helps filter the water by trapping debris.

• PH Balancer – takes chlorine out of the water and removes excess minerals which may be unhealthy for the fish.

¬• Décor or Vegetation – some fish don’t need much, but let’s face it: decorating is one of the most fun parts about aquariums! These fish supplies are ones for both you and your fish to enjoy. Add your own style or create a theme for your fish to explore.
• Food – the fish will agree this is the most important. Make sure you are feeding your fish the proper food related to their breed and dietary needs. Take care to not overfeed this can clog filters and leave your water cloudy. As far as fish supplies go, food is one of the most important!

For Fish & Pet Lovers!