Aquarium and Fish Supplies

Every aquarist knows that a proper aquarium and fish supplies are necessary to ensure a happy, healthy life for his or her fish. Some of the basics fish supplies include:

• a filter
• gravel or pebbles
• vegetation (real or imitation)
• pH balancers
• food
• nets
• lights
• ornamental structures

Fish also need plenty of space to swim and breed, so make sure your tank size is adequate. Remember larger aquariums are easier to clean and maintain.

The kind of food depends on the fish. You may want to begin with some starter fish. These fish should be inexpensive, hearty, and small. Give the tank a chance to cycle completely before you add any other fish.

There are many guides out there to help you get started and pick the right aquarium and fish supplies. Make sure your supplies match your needs before you purchase your fish.

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