Aquarium Stands

An integral part of fish tank set-up is aquarium stands. The stand is so important because it provides support for the tank, along with making viewing more comfortable. There are basic stands out there that can do that. Some of the more efficient stands also allow you to hide cords and airlines and give you space for storage as well. When looking for a stand it’s important to keep the basics in mind.

Obviously you want your stand to be tall enough for comfortable viewing. The stand should bring your aquarium eye level or slightly higher. It’s important to remember a stand that’s too tall makes the tank more unstable and restricts access for feeding and cleaning.

Water weighs about ten pounds per gallon, so you need to make sure your stand is strong enough to bear the weight. Even a small ten gallon tank weighs over a hundred pounds with water, fish, gravel and decorations. Your stand should be structurally sound. You don’t want unsupported joints or bowing wood.

Stability is also key. You never want your setup to be top heavy. Putting anything heavy on something that is narrow or off balance is disaster waiting to happen. This may sound obvious, but also make sure the floor below your stand is stable, old materials may collapse after prolonged exposure to pressure involving moisture.

The stand needs to be flat, unless you have an abnormal shaped tank. Glass cracks very easily when it is already under pressure. Acrylic seams will split if the tank has any twist applied. Double check that your supporting surface is even.

Some stands will come with a decorative trim. The materials for stand must be moisture proofed. Moisture can cause warping therefore losing structural integrity. The flooring underneath the stand must also be protected (in case of splashing.) Base mats are a good idea to protect your flooring. On metal stands some time the feet can rust so you will want to cover your carpet.

Overall, good aquarium stands are easy to come by and are available online. Many come with different trims and colors. While some can be made from particle board, good craftsmanship is what identifies good aquarium stands. There are also kits available in which aquarists can build their own stand. So whether you built it or bought it make sure it has all the key components and you will be on your way to a successful aquarium.

When you purchase an aquarium stand, you are purchasing something to not only hold and display your aquarium, but also something that will house your aquarium supplies. Sturdiness is the most important feature, while the storage capabilities are a bonus some deem necessary.

An aquarium stand is usually constructed of wood or metal. Most of these stands look similar to a piece of furniture. The aquarium sits atop a sturdy platform and beneath that there are shelves or drawers to contain supplies and accessories needed to maintain the aquarium. These shelves are usually hidden behind doors, similar to cabinet doors.

For very large aquariums, the storage doors hide other equipment necessary for the aquarium. This includes working parts to keep the tank working on a daily basis. Find the right aquarium stand for your tank by evaluating the size of your aquarium and the storage you require.

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