Custom Aquariums

If you’re unsatisfied with traditional rectangular fish tanks then you’ll love a beautiful custom aquarium. With hand crafted custom aquariums, your basic fish tank is a thing of the past. Today, fish tanks come in unique shapes and designs. Custom built aquariums are hand crafted to fit anywhere in your home.

A cleverly placed aquarium is like artwork for your home. Some of the most popular spots in the house include the kitchen or living room. In offices they look beautiful in a lobby or waiting area. It can be used to create a wall and yet it still creates openness to the room since you can see through it.

When building a custom aquarium it’s generally best to go with an acrylic aquarium. Acrylic is lighter then glass and yet much stronger, and its clarity is unmatched by other types of fish tanks. Acrylic also allows you to build curves into the aquarium or build a cylinder aquarium. These seamless aquariums are truly exquisite and stand out from their glass counterparts.

Custom made aquariums also incorporate lighting, cabinetry and filtration systems. This way you get exactly what you want.

A custom aquarium is a great way to get the aquarium of your dreams and create a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere whether at home or at the office.

For Fish & Pet Lovers!