Tube Fish Tanks

Even though many people may prefer watching the old television tube, fish tanks seem to be popping up everywhere, including inside of televisions.

This is one of the more original ideas that a lot of people have caught onto in recent years and is not all that difficult. All you need to do this is a screwdriver and maybe some plywood.

Basically, to do this you need to remove the back of the television and then clear out all of the things inside of the TV. You also will need to remove the tube.

After you have done this, you can insert a fish tank that fits to near exact specifications inside of the television. In order to better show the illusion of having fish swimming inside of your television, it may be a good idea to also include a wallpaper on the back of the tank in a water setting.

If this is not quite what you had in mind, another fun idea could be to include a photo of some of your favorite actors.

The television tube fish tanks are fun ways to continue to entertain guest will also showing a little humor.

For Fish & Pet Lovers!