Custom Built Fish Tanks

So you’ve heard about and seen custom built fish tanks, and they are amazing. And now you are likely asking yourself whether or not you should have a custom-built tank in your own home or office. And perhaps you should… but maybe you shouldn’t.

Yes, custom built fish tanks can be intriguing, but they can also be expensive. You must decide whether or not it is really worth the extra cost to have a fish tank “window” in your wall, or whether you really need a tank that will recess into the wall or fill up that corner, etc. For many, it is worth it, especially if they are intrigued not just by fish but by architecture and design, as well.

For others, custom built fish tanks are out of the question. After all, a 100 gallon aquarium is pretty impressive in its own right. And it can be placed in the middle of a room, against a wall, or even (in some cases) beneath a tabletop. There are rectangular shapes and even some ready-made cylindrical ones to choose from. These may be “basic,” but they can still be beautiful.

Before you go “custom,” check out what your local fish shop has to offer.

For Fish & Pet Lovers!