Aquarium Fish Tanks

A new owner of aquarium fish tanks is often unsure what kinds of fish, plant life and other items he can place in his tank. For those who are having the same problem with their tanks, here are some potential ideas:

• 10 gallon tank – If you own a 10 gallon tank, you are certainly going to be limited in what you can include, but this does not mean that you can’t still have a nice tank. Try including two rams, three rasboras and two ottos. Rams tend to be more shy than most other fish and they are non-aggressive. Also, they like higher temperatures.

• 20 gallon tank – Because this tank is a bit larger, you have a little more freedom. One possible combination is one male and two female honey gouramis, zebra and leopard danios, a rubber-lipped pleco and an apple snail.

• 54 gallon – Aquarium fish tanks of this size are a little more fun because you have more room to play with. For this tank, try including four clown loaches, three rainbowfish, six ottos, one candystripe placo and four silver dollars.

By using these ideas, people are better able to understand what kinds of items may work best in their aquarium fish tanks.

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