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Fish Tanks provide hours of entertainment and education, to both young and old alike, while naturally calming and soothing the observer.

Fish are quieter than most other pets, and studies have shown that just watching the brilliantly colored marine fish gracefully moving through an aquarium will quickly relax you.

For those of us who have limited space in their home or apartment, it’s not always practical to own a dog or cat, no matter how much we love them.   There’s just not enough room for larger pets to get adequate exercise, and smaller dogs and cats may require too much attention and maintenance from those of us that work long hours or travel often for work, or pleasure.     For these people, Fish are ideal pets!

Fish come in an infinite variety of sizes, shapes and brilliant colors, capturing the attention of children, and entertaining and educating them about marine life as they watch fish going about their daily lives inside freshwater, saltwater, or coral reef marine aquariums.
An aquarium of any size, as long it’s well maintained, can be a beautiful addition to any room in your home.

Tropical Fish are a good first step towards teaching children the discipline and responsibility necessary to care for a pet.
But there are a few things that you need to know before starting out with fish tanks; do plenty of research before you begin.
It’s always recommended that you start small and simple, with 5 or 10 gallon aquariums and two or three varieties of low-maintenance freshwater fish like goldfish, or tropical fish.
Saltwater fish, Reefs and Corals, require specialized aquarium equipment, fish-keeping expertise and experience, and are not typically for beginners.

Fish Tank Shop is a great place to learn about how to start-up, and maintain your aquarium; just check out our “Knowledge Base” section, and do a little research then take the plunge!
After you become more experienced, you can upgrade to a larger, more complex, acrylic fish tank or glass aquarium housing more
exotic varieties of fish, such as saltwater, or coral reef marine aquariums.

Fish Tank Shop has other Pet Supplies too, for those of us that have both, fish and furry, four-legged friends, like cats and dogs!



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