100 Gallon Fish Tanks

There are many advantages to a 100 gallon fish tank. Below is a list of some of the benefits associated with these relatively large tanks:

Cleaner – With larger tanks, you have to clean less often. The biological ecology of the tank will keep your tank much cleaner for longer than smaller tanks.

Fewer toxins – Because of the large volume of water, there are less chances of airborne toxins significantly effecting the water quality and overwhelming the beneficial bacteria, or the fish in the 100 gallon aquarium.

More fish – Larger tanks are also a little more conducive to higher fish populations, however, you shouldn’t put a lot of fish in with coral.

• Coral Reefs – 100 gallon aquariums are ideal for coral reefs; the volume of water makes the bio-environment very stable and therefore ideal for coral.  Once your tank has been successfully cycled, you can begin to add coral one at a time, while ensuring the water quality is maintained.

To ensure that a 100 gallon fish tank stays in good condition and that the fish remain healthy, look for a tank with these traits:

Leakproof – This is the most obvious and necessary trait. There should never be a leak of any kind in any tank, but especially one this size; that’s a lot of water on your floor.

Material – You want your tank to be made of a safe, non-toxic, and sturdy material.  The volume of water in a 100 gallon fish tank weighs over 800lbs, so the material it is made of should be very strong, durable, and capable of handling that weight.

Stability – You want a stable tank, nothing with a risk of tipping over or being jolted.  Even a small wobble in your aquarium stand can become a major hazard that can catastrophically destroy your tank if it isn’t sturdy.

That said, these large aquariums are not only more beneficial to the fish, and/or coral, but also open up a world of creative design not available with smaller aquariums. Your fish will have plenty of room to frolic among your coral reefs or your sunken treasure ships. Definitely keep the 100 gallon aquarium in mind when considering which fish tank to purchase.

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