Saltwater Aquariums

Like any of the latest styles, the kind of fish that are included in saltwater aquariums can be almost like a fad. Sure, there are many fish that have stayed popular throughout the years, but even they are likely to go through ebbs and flows in their popularity.

So, then, which are the most popular kinds of fish in saltwater aquariums? Here are a few:

Clownfish — Clownfish have “Finding Nemo” to thank for their soaring popularity. While these fish certainly were more popular before the movie came out a few years ago, their sales exploded soon afterward and remain high.

Golden seahorse — A golden seahorse is not as popular as Clownfish, but is still quite common to see in larger aquariums. These are typically around 12 inches long and must be kept in a tank that holds a minimum of 65 gallons.

Lionfish — These fish grow to about 14 inches in length, so they will need some room to swim around. They should be kept in a tank no smaller than 75 gallons. Care should be taken with these fish because they actually eat live foods. That means if there are small inhabitants in the tank, you run the risk of having them be eaten if they cohabitate the same waters as the lionfish.

Although these are some of the most popular types of fish, there are certainly many others that can be included in saltwater aquariums as well.

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