Aquarium Hoods

Although many people are content to simply buy an aquarium hood and move on with the buying process, there are others who instead see the advantages with making a hood themselves.

Those who are considering doing something similar to this should feel confident in their natural abilities to build and create. If you find that most of your handi-work doesn’t look like you had envisioned it would, this probably means that you may not want to undertake this project,

But, if you think you are up to the project, listed below are some of the items you may need to build properly.

• Internal braces
• Front slope, top end and back
• Ends
• Wiring covers
• Wiring cover brackets
• Sealing
• Grounded shielding
• Exterior finish
• Ballat mount
• Cable
• Hood wiring
• Tube connectors

If you have each of these items, and you feel confident in your abilities, you may want to consider building your own aquarium hood.

For Fish & Pet Lovers!