Aquarium Tanks

Choosing your aquarium tanks is an involved process. There are several options and variables to choose from. Consider the following when you are deciding on an aquarium:

• Size – aquarium tanks range greatly in size from small 5 gallon sizes to massive ones that hold more than 200 gallons.
• Acrylic or glass – both options work well. The acrylic tanks appear clearer, but scratches show up frequently. Glass is generally more expensive and heavier.
• Shape – although tanks were once only rectangular, they are now available in many shapes. Consider the space you are planning for your aquariums tanks to occupy when you consider shape. A rectangular tank is still considered better for aerating the water and for cleanliness.

Whether you are just beginning to keep fish as pets or are a seasoned fish enthusiast, the time you spend evaluating your preferences will prove worthwhile. Taking these points under consideration will allow you to carefully discern which aquarium tanks will best suit your needs.

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