Aquarium Reef Supplies

Aquarium reef supplies include all kinds of various items from filters and pumps to chemicals and cleaning supplies to fun reef accessories. You need a little bit of each to fully enjoy your aquarium.

Chemicals or water treatments are necessary to maintain the health of your eco-system. Some important treatments include: algae control, pH regulators, plant food and supplements, vitamins and minerals, and salt.

Once you have a balanced eco-system you will need to maintain it with cleaning supplies. Having a good fish net is important for any sort of maintenance work where you will need to be removing the fish. Other important cleaning supplies include: an algae scraper, gravel vacuum, filter cartridges, and a skimmer.

One of the most important aspects for the success of your aquarium is a filter. There are several different types of filters depending on your preference and the size of your aquarium. These filters include: submersible, under gravel, hood, and back filters. Most filters come with a gallon per hour rating which will tell you the appropriate filter for the size of your tank. The best kind of filter will be one that does all three types of filtration: biological, mechanical, and chemical.

Another supply that is important is an aquarium heater. Fish will get sick and die if the water is not kept at the appropriate temperate. Most heaters are either submersible or hang-on to the side of the aquarium.

The final touch for any aquarium are reef accessories. They’re not a necessity like the above mentioned items but they are a way to add some color and some fun into your aquarium. These aquarium decorations include stones, swim through chambers, treasure chests, pirate replica ornaments, and so much more. Marbles in beautiful sparkling colors are a beautiful addition to the bottom of a tank. And submersible lights add a decorative touch. What ever decorations you choose make sure that they specify that they are for use in an aquarium. Other products can contain metal wires that can create rust and contaminate your aquarium.

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