Freshwater Tropical Fish Tanks

Freshwater tropical fish tanks are beautiful and exciting additions to a home or office. Think of your tanks as “living decorations.” As living decorations, they will constantly change and surprise you and your guests, but they also need to be cared for. Whereas most living room decorations can be placed just about anywhere and need only to be dusted off sometimes, fish aquariums must be placed in just the right spot and require a lot of maintenance.

So, what kind of spot should you place your freshwater tropical fish tanks?

• Windows – keep your tank away from windows that may affect the light and heat of it. Sunlight could add to green algae problems.
• Heater vents – also be aware of any heating vents near the tank which could affect its temperature.
• Stand – be sure that you use a stand that can hold the entire weight of your freshwater tropical fish tanks when full of water. The floor also must be able to stand the weight.
• Children/pets – make sure that you keep the tank out of the reach of kids and pets.
• Décor – once you have eliminated potentially harmful places for the tank, you can start thinking of which place will show it off the best. For instance, an entryway or living room is a place where your tank will be noticed by most guests.

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