Freshwater Aquariums

If you are interested in owning freshwater aquariums, you should first decide what kind of fish you want. If you are new to having fish as pets, it is a good idea to stick with some of the hardier, yet still attractive, types of fish.

Here are some possible options of fish for your fish tank:

• Tetra – if you have seen any freshwater aquariums, you have probably seen tetras. They are one of the most popular types because they get along well with other fish, they are attractive, and they are easy to feed (they will eat most types of flake foods). They can live up to 10 years (just 1-5 years is normal for other types of fish, including all of the following, with the exception of the goldfish).

• Goldfish – the goldfish is, by far, the most common type of freshwater fish for aquariums. They can live a whopping 15 years! They prefer cooler water than many types of tropical fish.

• betas – these are also quite popular, but they do not do nearly as well with other fish as tetras do. In fact, males are most often kept in their own tank, all alone. Females, on the other hand, can share a tank. They are popular because of their beautiful coloring.

• Fantail guppy – this is a hardy fish, tolerant of most water conditions. The males have colorful tails.

• Corydoras – this is a type of catfish that is useful for keeping debris off the aquarium floor.

• Rainbow fish – these fish are great for freshwater aquariums. They get along well with others and do well when kept in schools of 3 to 5. They are hardy and tolerant of a variety of tank conditions.

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