Freshwater Aquarium Fish Supplies

When choosing freshwater aquarium fish supplies, do not forget the “decorations.” Yes, gravel and fake plants and little treasure chests may make your aquarium more interesting and more beautiful, but they also have more practical purposes.

Here are a few types of decorative freshwater aquarium fish supplies and their benefits:

• Gravel – Gravel serves as a home for beneficial bacteria. Beneficial bacteria helps rid the aquarium of waste. Without them (or even with a lessened supply of them), harmful wastes could build up in the water, and the water would likely need to be changed more often. When cleaning your tank, do not empty out the gravel and clean it, too – you do not want to wash away the beneficial bacteria. Also, the gravel can contribute to the comfort of the habitat for the fish. It is also good for live plants.
• Plants – You may be debating between live plants and fake plants. While live plants may technically be better (they create a more natural habitat; they grow and respire; fish can eat them; et-cetera.), fake plants are also good. Both types give fish places to seek shelter. They give baby fish a place to hide until they grow.
• Other décor – Rock replicas, sunken ships, artificial driftwood and other such decorative freshwater aquarium fish supplies also give fish a place to hide. They can also be used to anchor plants.

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