Fish Tank Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning a fish tank is easier than most people think, assuming that you have the knowledge and the proper fish tank cleaning supplies. Two of the most important fish tank cleaning supplies are an algae scraper and a siphon, but chemicals and treatments are useful, as well.

To clean a tank, you should first clean the algae. Use an algae scrubber to scrub any algae on the inside of the tank. Take care to not scratch your tank (especially acrylic) by making sure you don’t accidentally catch gravel or pebbles between the scrubber and the tank.

Then with a siphon, suck up some of the extra gunk and debris along the bottom. You should remove about fifteen percent of your water during this process. You may then replace the water with fresh de-chlorinated tap water. Removing and cleaning decorations is not necessary. Doing so can actually clean off beneficial bacteria which work as a biological filter.

Use your fish tank cleaning supplies about once a week to complete the abovementioned process. Also, make sure you change your filters as recommended.

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