Tetra Aquarium Supplies

One of the more popular kinds of Tetra aquarium supplies that many people have questions about are the Whisper power filters. Although this is a popular item, most of the questions come not because the product doesn’t work correctly, but instead comes because people don’t truly understand how to use them.

So, in order to gain a better understanding of some of the important issues, here is some useful information:

• If you find that the Whisper power filter is not working, it is unlikely that it is a manufacturing problem. Instead of wanting to return it, it may be better to instead first make sure there is water in the pump chamber. Without water in there, the filter will simply suck in air.

• If the Whisper power filter begins to work, but then shuts off one of the things that you can try to remedy this problem is check the impeller. This problem often occurs when the magnet and white blades become separated instead of being together as one single piece.

Those who use Tetra aquarium supplies are generally happy with the product, but it is good to know that if a Tetra user needs help, there are answers to most questions.

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